Splunk for Analytics and Data Science (SADS)



Course Objectives

This 13.5-hour course is for users who want to attain operational intelligence level 4, (business insights) and covers implementing analytics and data science projects using Splunk's statistics, machine learning, built-in and custom visualization capabilities.

Please note that this course may run over three days, with 4.5 hour sessions each day.

Course Content

  • Analytics Framework
  • Regression for Prediction
  • Cleaning and Preprocessing Data
  • Algorithms, Preprocessing and Feature Extrac7on
  • Clustering Data
  • Detecting Anomalies
  • Forecasting
  • Classification

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

3 Giorni

  • US$ 1.500,–
  • Splunk Training Units: 150 SPC
Formazione in Aula

3 Giorni

  • Italia: US$ 1.500,–
  • Splunk Training Units: 150 SPC

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