Advanced Dashboards & Visualizations with Splunk (ADVS)


Who should attend

This 4.5-hour module is designed for advanced users who want to create SplunkJS dashboards and Splunk Custom Visualizations.


To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of the following modules :

  • Fundamentals 1 (Retired)
  • Fundamentals 2 (Retired)
  • Creating Dashboards

Or the following single-subject modules

Students should also have the following skills:

  • Using a terminal editor (vi, nano, etc.)
  • Editing JavaScript, XML, CSS and HTML

Course Objectives

This 4.5 hour class focuses on creating dashboards, adding inputs, using event handlers and creating Splunk Custom Visualizations using JavaScript and XML.

Course Content

  • SplunkJS Dashboards
  • Tokens
  • Using Event Handlers
  • Custom Visualizations

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

4,5 Ore

  • US$ 500,–
  • Splunk Training Units: 50 SPC
Formazione in Aula

4,5 Ore

  • Italia: US$ 500,–
  • Splunk Training Units: 50 SPC

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