Red Hat Certified Specialist in Platform-as-a-Service (EX280)


Chi dovrebbe partecipare

  • System administrators who want to demonstrate their OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat skills.
  • Red Hat Certified Engineers who wish to pursue Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA).


  • Be Red Hat Certified System Administrators or have comparable work experience and skills (Red Hat Certified Engineer would be even better)
  • Have taken the OpenShift Administration (DO280) course or have comparable work experience using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat
  • Review the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service exam (EX280) objectives

Recommended Training Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Configuring a Production Cluster (DO280)

Obiettivi del Corso

To become a Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration, you should be able to perform these tasks:

Manage OpenShift Container Platform

  • Use the command-line interface to manage and configure an OpenShift cluster
  • Use the web console to manage and configure an OpenShift cluster
  • Create and delete projects
  • Import, export, and configure Kubernetes resources
  • Examine resources and cluster status
  • View logs
  • Monitor cluster events and alerts
  • Troubleshoot common cluster events and alerts
  • Use product documentation

Manage users and policies

  • Configure the HTPasswd identity provider for authentication
  • Create and delete users
  • Modify user passwords
  • Modify user and group permissions
  • Create and manage groups

Control access to resources

  • Define role-based access controls
  • Apply permissions to users
  • Create and apply secrets to manage sensitive information
  • Create service accounts and apply permissions using security context constraints

Configure networking components

  • Troubleshoot software defined networking
  • Create and edit external routes
  • Control cluster network ingress
  • Create a self signed certificate
  • Secure routes using TLS certificates

Configure pod scheduling

  • Limit resource usage
  • Scale applications to meet increased demand
  • Control pod placement across cluster nodes

Configure cluster scaling

  • Manually control the number of cluster workers
  • Automatically scale the number of cluster workers

As with all Red Hat performance-based exams, configurations must persist after reboot without intervention.

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Contenuti del Corso

The Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration exam (EX280) tests the knowledge, skills, and ability to create, configure, and manage a cloud application platform using Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

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