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Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO380)


Chi dovrebbe partecipare

This course is designed for Linux® system administrators who want to deploy and manage a large-scale Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform environment in their datacenters.


Red Hat recommends these prerequisites:

Obiettivi del Corso

You will design an OpenShift HA cluster, then build and test it. You will use this cluster to examine more advanced topics in the administration and operation of a robust OpenShift cluster in the remainder of the course.

  • Learn OpenShift cluster features, architecture, and sizing.
  • Investigate OpenShift cluster installation methods.
  • Configure storage providers and storage classes.
  • Manage OpenShift certificates.
  • Configure GlusterFS container-native storage.
  • Diagnose cluster health.
  • Scale OpenShift clusters.
  • Manage OpenShift resources.

Contenuti del Corso

Red Hat OpenShift Administration II teaches you how to build robust clusters that provide high availability and the ability to run large numbers of applications. You will learn about OpenShift integration with datacenter infrastructure such as load balancers, identity management, monitoring, proxies, and storage. You will also develop more troubleshooting and Day 2 operations skills in this course.

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Fuso orario CEST
24.08. ― 28.08.2020 Online Training Fuso orario: CEST
24.08. ― 28.08.2020 Online Training Fuso orario: CEST
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30.11. ― 03.12.2020 Roma
15.02. ― 18.02.2021 Roma
24.08. ― 27.08.2020 Parigi
30.11. ― 03.12.2020 Parigi
07.12. ― 10.12.2020 Parigi
17.08. ― 20.08.2020 Monaco
26.10. ― 29.10.2020 Berlino
16.11. ― 19.11.2020 Monaco
22.02. ― 25.02.2021 Stuttgart
07.06. ― 10.06.2021 Stuttgart