Red Hat Training Presents: Introduction to Python Programming (AD141)


Who should attend

  • System administrators and DevOps personnel who want to use Python to automate operating system tasks
  • Developers from other programming languages who want to learn Python for writing applications
  • AI/ML, data scientists, and engineers who want to use Python for data analysis and machine learning


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives

Impact on the organization

Python is the language of choice for engineering and operations teams in the domain of AI/ML, data science, scientific computing, system administration scripts, and modern cloud-native microservices development. With its simple and readable syntax, its large and powerful standard library, and enormous ecosystem of third party libraries, Python allows organizations to experiment, prototype and bring solutions to market quickly and efficiently.

This course provides a thorough introduction to Python and teaches the syntax, semantics, idioms, tools and libraries to implement Python programs.

Impact of this training

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to program in Python. You will be able to achieve this through learning and demonstrating the following skills:

  • Quickly prototype and experiment with using Pythons easy to read syntax, dynamic typing and powerful data types
  • Read and write files and JSON data
  • Structure large programs using modules and Object Oriented Programming
  • Handle errors using Exceptions and troubleshoot applications using the Python debugger
  • Manipulate text data using powerful regular expressions and the standard library String functions

Course Content

Python programming for beginners

Python is a popular programming language used by system administrators, data scientists, and developers to create web applications, custom Red Hat Ansible Automation modules, perform statistical analysis, and train AI/ML models. This course introduces the Python language and teaches fundamental concepts like control flow, loops, data structures, functions, file I/O, regular expressions, parsing JSON, and debugging.

Course content summary

  • Basics of Python syntax, functions and data types
  • How to debug Python scripts using the Python debugger (pdb)
  • Use Python data structures like dictionaries, sets, tuples and lists to handle compound data
  • Learn Object-oriented programming in Python and Exception Handling
  • How to read and write files in Python and parse JSON data
  • Use powerful regular expressions in Python to manipulate text
  • How to effectively structure large Python programs using modules and namespaces
  • How to use third-party libraries using the pip CLI tool.

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

5 Giorni

  • 1.860,– €
Formazione in Aula

4 Giorni

  • Italia: 1.860,– €

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