Red Hat Training Presents: Introduction to Python Programming (AD141) – Contenuti

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An Overview of Python 3
Introduction to Python and setting up the developer environment

Basic Python Syntax
Explore the basic syntax and semantics of Python

Language Components
Understand the basic control flow features and operators

Write programs that manipulate compound data using lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries

Decompose your programs into composable functions

Organize your code using Modules for flexibility and reuse

Classes in Python
Explore Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with classes and objects

Handle runtime errors using Exceptions

Input and Output
Implement programs that read and write files

Data Structures
Use advanced data structures like generators and comprehensions to reduce boilerplate code

Regular Expressions
Use powerful regular expressions to manipulate textual data

Parsing JSON
Read and write JSON data

Debug Python programs using the Python debugger (pdb)