Red Hat Certified OpenShift Architect (RHCOA)

A Red Hat® Certified OpenShift Architect is a Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack (RHCSA-RHOS) or a Red Hat Certified OpenShift Application Developer (RHCOAD) who has attained our highest level of certification by earning-and keeping current-five or more additional certifications focused on OpenShift and related application development technologies. While there is some overlap with the Red Hat Certified Architect certification, this is a new program with new requirements and a specific focus on OpenShift.

DevOps and cloud-native applications blur the lines between administrator and developer roles such that the skills and abilities required can, and do, overlap depending on many factors including the environment, the organization and individual use cases. For that reason, the Red Hat Certified OpenShift Architect credential does not distinguish between the developer and admin roles. Instead, both Red Hat Certified OpenShift Administrators and Red Hat OpenShift Certified Application Developers choose their five additional qualifying certifications from the same list of eligible certifications.