Course Overview

NGINX Caching is an 4-hour course that provides a comprehensive view into how caching works, shows how to manage your cache, and teaches techniques for tuning your cache.

NGINX Caching is for system admins and DevOps who need a deeper understanding of NGINX Caching.

The course starts with an intro to HTTP caching concepts. It then applies these concepts in the context of NGINX, setup as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Students will learn how caching works within NGINX and how to control what content is cached, when it is cached and how long it is cached for. You'll also learn to configure NGINX to deliver stale cached content and override caching instructions from the origin server. Following this, students will explore different configuration parameters and disk configurations which help fine tune cache performance. The course then concludes with discussions on caching techniques including cache locking, cache slicing, microcaching and the scenarios where they can applied.

NGINX Caching is for system administrators, DevOps, and others with more complex caching requirements.


NGINX Caching is for people who've completed NGINX Core or who have similar experience. Hands on labs require running basic UNIX commands, navigating the file system, and creating and editing configuration files at the command line.

Course Content

  • Explain HTTP caching concepts
  • Explain how caching works in NGINX
  • Configure a cache for static content
  • Manually purge the cache
  • Manage which content is cached
  • Determine how to manage stale content
  • Configure microcaching
  • Discuss different cache deployments
  • NGINX Caching is a 1/2 day, 4-hour course including hands-on labs.

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