Optimizing Storage Services for Applications with XtremIO (MR-1CP-XIO4APPS)


Course Overview

This course goes beyond simple administration and provides an in-depth understanding of how to leverage and optimize XtremIO features and capabilities in specific application areas. The course begins with providing hands-on coverage of operational aspects of the XtremIO environment, and then leads to XtremIO features and performance optimization. Lastly, it focuses on considerations and best practices for system integration with specific application use cases and the industry’s leading data protection solutions such as RecoverPoint and VPLEX.

Chi dovrebbe partecipare

This course is intended for professionals responsible for implementing, managing and supporting XtremIO storage systems.


Enter prerequisite skills and knowledge

  • XtremIO foundational knowledge
  • Connectivity protocols: IP, FC, iSCSI
  • Basic understanding of Windows, UNIX and other operating systems
  • Virtualized data center concepts
  • FC and iSCSI SANs
  • Storage network troubleshooting and performance concepts
  • Specific application architecture and functionalities – Oracle and VDI
  • Data protection and Business Continuity fundamentals

Obiettivi del Corso

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe proper configuration and integration of XtremIO systems for end to end communication and all points in between
  • Obtain maximum availability from a solution by properly configuring replication and proactive monitoring through alerts and basic troubleshooting
  • Analyze workloads and optimize for maximum performance thresholds
  • Create custom reports to determine patterns and confirm with SLA guidelines
  • Describe data protection capabilities of XtremIO using RecoverPoint, VPLEX, and AppSync
  • Describe integration best practices for VDI and Oracle environments

Contenuti del Corso

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.

XtremIO Overview and Access Requirements
  • Components, models and resources
  • XtremIO Management Server
XtremIO Cluster Management Interface
  • Accessing XtremIO storage management applications (GUI, CLI)
  • Management through REST APIs and Plugins
XtremIO Storage Presentation
  • Storage presentation and volume management
  • Host configuration – Windows, Linux, ESXi, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX
  • Connectivity Zoning best practices
XtremIO Snapshots
  • Snapshot features, capabilities, and operations
XtremIO Features and Integration
  • Encryption, Compression and Deduplication
  • XDP (XtremIO Data Protection)
  • Integration with ViPR, ViPR SRM, EMC Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition (CMCNE)
  • Integration with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)
  • Integration with VMware – VAAI, VSI, Operations Manager
  • Microsoft – ODX, ESI, and VSS Plug-in
XtremIO Performance and Reporting
  • Performance overview
  • XtremIO reports and host tools
  • Common performance issues
XtremIO Data Protection
  • RecoverPoint native integration with XtremIO arrays
  • RecoverPoint operations and management
  • Implementing XtremIO into a VPLEX Cluster
XtremIO Application Integration
  • Integration with Oracle environments
  • Integration with VDI environments
XtremIO Advanced Management Operations
  • Managing alerts and power procedures
  • Generating log files, and IP modifications
  • Space reclamation and shrinking deduplication rates

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.

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