Visualizing and Alerting in Splunk Observability Cloud (VASIM) – Contenuti

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Module 1 – Create Efficient Dashboards and Alerts

  • Add instructions to dashboards
  • Create single-instance dashboards
  • Add event feed charts
  • Configure data links
  • Customize alert messages
  • Troubleshoot charts and alerts

Module 2 – Find Insights Using Analytics

  • Find total value across all sources
  • Combine plots in charts
  • View and alert on weekly, daily or hourly comparisons
  • Use percentages and ratios to understand trends
  • Apply analytic functions over moving and calendar time windows
  • Apply analytic functions to a subset of MTS in a signal

Module 3 – Detectors for Common Use Cases

  • Identify common issues with detectors
  • Troubleshoot a detector
  • Create detectors to monitor populations
  • Create non-flapping detectors
  • Monitor metrics with cyclic patterns
  • Monitor large number of sources
  • Monitor an ephemeral infrastructure