Spring Certified Professional 2024 (VCP-SPRING 2024)

The Spring Certified Professional certification validates a candidate's expertise with major features of Spring and Spring Boot and the candidate’s ability to apply Spring's features to quickly build and deliver production ready applications. It is part of Spring Academy Pro subscription, to learn more please visit Spring Academy.

(Recommended) Gain experience with Application Modernization, VMware Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Framework


Pass the qualifying exam
  • Spring Professional Develop (2V0-72.22)

Exams and recommended training

Attend ONE of the training courses

Courses used by VMware to develop this exam and strongly recommended to you for exam preparation:

  • Spring Framework Essentials
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring: Core Training (Retired)

Courses VMware will accept which meet training course requirements (List includes the courses used to develop this exam.):

  • Learning Path: Spring Certified Professional
  • Spring: Core Training (Retired but still qualifies)