VMware Certified Design Expert – Network Virtualization 2024 (VCDX-NV 2024)

The VMware Certified Design Expert - Network Virtualization 2024 (VCDX-NV 2024) certification validates an individual's advanced knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and managing complex virtualized network environments using VMware NSX technologies. This certification is suitable for experienced professionals who are experts in network virtualization technologies. Job-roles associated with this certification include solution architects and consultants.

  • Review and understand the blueprint.
  • Select and build a design, based on the blueprint.
  • Submit the design application and code of conduct through the application form.
  • Pass the application and design review.
  • Successfully defend your submitted design against three panelists (75 minutes) and design a solution to a randomly provided scenario (45 minutes).

The tracks are all individual, so to upgrade to VCDX 2024, you will need to take the VCAP Design 2024 exam in the same track. For example, if you are a VCDX-NV, regardless of how many other VCDXs you hold, you will need to pass the VCAP-NV Design 2024 exam to upgrade to VCDX-NV 2024.


  • Earn the VCP-NV 2024
  • Earn the VCIX-NV 2024 Badge (Or have a VCIX-NV 2021 or 2022 or 2023)