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Fast Lane is chosen to be in the initial launch of the Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE

CCIE Preparation

October 17, 2008 Cary, NC - Fast Lane is proud to be an inaugural delivery partner of the new Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE - Routing and Switching. This six-month program incorporates eLearning, Remote Labs, Video on Demand, mentoring and Instructor-led Training to assist students in preparing for the CCIE Practical Lab exam. Students with the requisite experience are exposed to Advanced Networking Scenarios in a controlled learning environment. Liberal use of learning technologies, tools and Fast Lane’s expert mentors enable students to develop the skills to diagnose, analyze, deploy and troubleshoot the key Cisco technologies required of a CCIE.

This proven learning solution consists of pre-assessments, six online classes covering topics such as IPv6, QoS, Frame Relay, Border Gateway Protocol and switching, instructor-led workshops, practice labs and mentoring.

Program Components

  • Pre-Assessment: A four-hour pre-assessment for networking core technologies serves as a benchmark for program preparedness. Student’s results on this pre-assessment are key indicators to determine readiness to proceed in this intense program.
  • Workshop 1 (five-day classroom training): The first of two 5-day workshops, ! includes more than 30 hours of ILT, 16 hours of graded learning labs in an Instructor-led classroom environment. Fast Lane’s Instructors for CIERS1 are all CCIEs with extensive real world experience and years of teaching experience.
  • Workshop 2 (five-day classroom training): The second of two 5-day workshops, ! includes more than 16 hours of ILT and four graded labs. This intense workshop is where a student demonstrates to the Instructor that they are prepared for the practical exam by performing graded labs. Again, the Fast Lane Expert Instructor provides the instruction and mentoring that is imperative to ensure success.
  • Library (technical reference library): This 2000 page searchable offering of advanced networking technical documentation and best practices for expert network engineers is an excellent resource. On many occasions the Fast Lane mentor references this library for resources needed to prepare for the next phase of the program.
  • On Demand Lessons (classes on-demand): These six topic-based classes (IPv6, QoS, Frame Relay, Link Layer, IGP,BGP) are a recorded and indexed reference. Students utilize these lessons throughout the 6 month program.
  • Practice Labs: Expert level advanced networking scenarios that enable students to be exposed to network configurations in a hands-on learning environment with mentor or instructor feedback ensure students practice the lessons learned on real hardware. These labs are utilized outside of the workshops and serve as additional hands-on, mentored, practice scenarios increasing students skills and experience with core technologies.
  • Assessment Labs: A Series of 10 timed, scenario based, 8-hour performance tests that are scored and graded to produced detailed reporting that includes learning progression, mentor feedback, and trending among peers. These labs are a true measuring stick of students’ progress and ultimately demonstrate readiness for the CCIE R&S practical exam.
  • Mentoring Guide: This guide consists of explanations of correct networking scenarios, graded lab scoring reports and best practices that provide directed feedback to students for assistance in diagnosing errors, omissions, and sequencing in configurations. Answers for many questions can be found in this guide and will be explained in detail by Fast Lane’s mentors.

To sign up for the program simply follow the links above (CIERS1 and CIERS2) and enroll in the sessions of interest. A Fast Lane Training Consultant will be in contact with you to ensure a smooth enrollment and administration process, as well as to explain the terms and conditions of the program.