Fast Lane accelerates into the Top 25

Fast Lane UK is speeding up the Rankings of IT Training Providers

Fast Lane UK is speeding up the rankings of IT training providers, after only four years of operation in the UK. The latest figures from Pardo Fox, published by IT Training magazine, place the Cisco® and NetApp specialist at number 25, with earnings growth of 90% year on year, making Fast Lane the fastest climber in the Top 50.

With revenues of £5.5 million in 2007, Fast Lane is the UK’s fastest growing Cisco training provider. Peter Olive, Managing Director of Fast Lane UK, attributes the strong growth to the company’s focus on advanced technologies and in depth expertise enabling it to deliver bespoke learning programs.

“Very few competitors can match the strength in depth that we can offer for Cisco and NetApp learning,” he says, ”We have more than 60 years combined Cisco experience within the team here, and there is high demand for learning in the more advanced technology areas. Our move from 39 to 25 in the Pardo Fox table is proof that our focus is absolutely right.”

The UK organisation is backed by the global resources of Fast Lane world-wide, which also opens the door to customers with international training needs.

“Competition is strong in the commoditised mainstream technologies,” says Peter Olive, “but companies are increasingly seeking competitive advantage from advanced technologies like unified communications, data centre and wireless networking. They are turning to us for the skills they need to operate and support their customers in this area.”

As well as its project-based contracts, Fast Lane operates a public schedule of training courses. “Scheduled learning is an essential element of our portfolio,” says Peter Olive, “but we recognise that the strongest growth must come from continued investment in bespoke learning and consultancy, where we can add real value.”

David Pardo of Pardo Fox commented: “Fast Lane’s rapid rise is indicative of a sustainable trend in the modern IT training market. Customers are looking for bespoke, high value learning solutions and are willing to invest if they can see the value that it delivers to their businesses. Peter Olive and his team are to be congratulated on the success of their business model.”

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