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Hands-on Network Training from Fast Lane: Cisco Professionals Troubleshooting (CPT)

Systematically detecting and removing network problems

April 24, 2008 – Cisco Learning Solutions Partner Fast Lane extends its current training offering with the new Cisco Professionals Troubleshooting (CPT) course. The 5-day course includes a hands-on part exceeding 80 percent that is based on a high-end training lab.

Participants will be imparted the required know-how for successful troubleshooting in complex multiprotocol environments with Cisco routers and switches. Theoretical knowledge is deepened in a hands-on manner in a lab environment with real equipment. Based on typical fault scenarios the participants learn how to systematically diagnose and remove upcoming network problems at the different OSI layers.

Overview over course content:
  • troubleshooting models and systematical fault restriction
  • trouble tickets
  • Troubleshooting with the IOS Features
  • OSI Layer 2: Ethernet; Switching; VLANs; Trunks; Spanning Tree; Frame
  • Relay; PPP
  • OSI Layer 3: IP; IPv6; Route Maps; NAT/PAT; ACLs; Routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP); redistribution
  • remote access (IPSec, VPN)
  • quality of service
  • multicast
  • faults at the transport layer (TCP, UDP)
  • faults at the application layer (DHCP, DNS, HTTP)

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