Exclusive in the Fast Lane Training Program: TelePresence Installation & Configuration Training (TPICT)

Efficiently planning and setting up an infrastructure for virtual meetings

April 3, 2008 – Fast Lane is exclusive Cisco TelePresence ATP Learning Partner for Europe. As a result, the training specialist offers the TelePresence Installation & Configuration Training (TPICT) course with immediate effect. The three-day course has been predominantly adjusted to the Cisco customer, channel partner, and reseller target group. It includes learning sequences for the Cisco TelePresence architecture as well as corresponding components, functionalities, and features. In addition, subjects such as execution of room and network assessment, design and configuration of a TelePresence system and adjustment of the TelePresence cameras will be covered. For this hands-on training Fast Lane specially invests in the build-up of a Cisco TelePresence laboratory in its training center in Frankfurt supplied with state-of-the-art equipment.

Participants experience the miscellaneous possibilities of TelePresence and will be shown how communication will change in the future based on this technology and they will also be presented a snapshot view of current offerings in this area. Requirements for such a solution, planning and used components and tools will be addressed subsequently in the course.

Course Content:
  • Overview on the Cisco TelePresence solution
  • Physical design and logistics
  • Execution of a room assessment
  • Cisco TelePresence network architecture
  • Execution of a network path assessment
  • Cisco TelePresence endpoint system architecture
  • Adjusting the Cisco TelePresence cameras
  • Cisco TelePresence Manager
  • Cisco TelePresence Multipoint
  • TelePresence in business-to-business applications

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