IT training provider looks back on a successful year

Fast Lane closes the 2011 financial year with a record turnover of 95 million US dollars and a 75 per cent increase in profits

Hamburg/Berlin, 17 February 2012 – The IT training and consulting company Fast Lane (, reports a positive balance for the 2011 financial year. At 95 million US dollars, the company recorded its highest ever turnover in the past year. Fast Lane increased its profits by approximately 75 per cent to 3.7 million US dollars. In its forecast for the current financial year, the company expects a further increase in profits of around 35%.

The results for 2011 confirm the announced growth trend. The company’s international orientation has contributed significantly to its growth: In 2011 Fast Lane opened twelve offices in countries around the globe. An additional 12 subsidiaries are planned for 2012, which means that, by the end of the year, the training provider will be represented by offices in 60 countries.

Other priorities for Fast Lane in terms of business development include the expansion of its range of courses and consulting services. This includes, among other things, more proprietary training programmes in the field of virtualised, multivendor data centre solutions, such as the new Cloud Computing curriculum for training in FlexPod and VXI (Virtualization Experience Infrastructure). The training experts are also focusing on the expansion of other advanced technologies including, for example, the TelePresence offering. In order to allow training participants to practise using hands-on labs under practical conditions, Fast Lane will also continue to expand its lab infrastructure in 2012. In addition to training, the company also offers consulting services to address strategy, technology and implementation issues. The IT specialist is also expanding its resources in this area.

“Our rapid growth rate compared to our competitors and the record earnings we have achieved set new standards for our company”, explained Torsten Poels, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Fast Lane. “In 2012, we are firmly focusing on international expansion in order to expand our training centre and consultancy network. We always keep an eye on high-end technological developments and are working closely with manufacturers like Cisco, NetApp and VMware, for example in the area of new multivendor cloud technologies. This is the only way to align our portfolio appropriately and adapt our labs to meet real needs so that our customers can continue their training under ideal conditions.”

Torsten Poels Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Fast Lane

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