C# for Beginners (MSDEV01)


Course Overview

This training offers you the optimal introduction to programming with Microsoft technologies. Using the programming language C#, we will work step by step on the basics that you need to gain a foothold in the world of software development.

Who should attend

Aimed at aspiring programmers without programming knowledge who want to learn the basics of programming.


Solid experience with the Windows ecosystem and interest in the subject matter

Course Objectives

  • You understand how a program works
  • You have a solid foundation in programming, regardless of the programming language you will use later.
  • You know the basic elements of C#

Course Content

In the initial lessons you will gain an overview of the basic elements of computer programs. You will learn in a practical way using many examples and exercises. In the course, C# is used as a working tool. The training is a solid foundation for various other programming courses.

  • Basic terms
  • Object-oriented programming (approach)
  • console application
  • Logic and Algorithms
  • Core language elements
  • Data structures

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

4 Giorni

Prezzo (IVA esclusa)
  • 2.000,– €
Formazione in Aula

4 Giorni

Prezzo (IVA esclusa)
  • Italia: 2.000,– €



Fuso orario: Central European Summer Time (CEST)   ±1 Ora

Online Training Questo è un corso FLEX. Fuso orario: Central European Time (CET)
Questo è un corso FLEX, erogato sia in aula che in remoto, contemporaneamente.


Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Questo è un corso FLEX, erogato sia in aula che in remoto, contemporaneamente.