Confluence (Cloud) - User Training / Hands On (CAHO-C)


Course Overview

This course will provide you with the necessary understanding of how to organize your wiki, intranet, or knowledge management with Confluence. You will learn how to work collaboratively in a central environment. In addition, we demonstrate various use cases and solutions so that you are able to apply what you have learned in your everyday work.

Structure and content

Our trainers will teach you how to use Confluence in a variety of scenarios and how to collaborate in a sustainable way. Based on real-life use cases, our trainers will guide you through the use of Confluence in your day-to-day work.

Level: Beginner
Exam: No exam

The course will be based on a Confluence Cloud environment.

Who should attend

This training is designed for ...

  • Users who want to develop or expand their knowledge in Confluence
  • Project managers and project teams who want to enhance their knowledge around the optimal use of Confluence

For administrators we recommend Confluence (Cloud) - Administrator Training / Deep Dive (CADD-C).


No previous knowledge is required to participate in the training. All necessary contents are taught and practiced in the training.

Course Content

Introduction and general information
  • Introduction
  • Atlassian Product Overview
  • Atlassian Documentation
  • Using Confluence in a Cloud environment an features
Get started with Confluence
  • Wiki, knowledge management, intranet and social intranet
  • Cockpit and platform for collaboration
  • User Profile and User Settings
  • Confluence setup and structure (Dashboards, Spaces und Pages)
Structures, Spaces and Pages in Confluence
  • Permissions und roles (View and Edit Permissions → Space Permissions)
  • Creating pages
  • Move and reorder pages
  • Additional exercises
Collaboration and publishing in Confluence
  • Collaborative editing
  • Draft and publish pages in Confluence
Notifications in Confluence
  • Share pages
  • Watch pages
  • Leave a comment
  • Additional exercises
The Editor in Confluence
  • Create and edit a page
  • Page layouts and formatting plus an exercise
  • Customize page layout with macros
  • Additional exercises
  • Quick Search
  • Search filters
  • Additional exercises
Working with macros in Confluence
  • Content Filter
  • Labels List
  • Excerpt Include
  • Page Properties and Page Properties Report
  • Additional exercises
How to create and use templates in Confluence
  • System templates and Blueprints
  • Create a new template
Specific topics
  • Integrating Jira and Confluence
  • Examples of customized Use Cases and Best Practice
  • Import, embed and export Microsoft Office documents
  • Confluence Add-Ons
  • Specified use cases
  • How to transform a Wiki into a Social Intranet
Open Q&A session and Feedback
  • Clarification of open questions
  • Feedback / FAQ / Discussions

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

1 Giorno

  • 790,– €
Formazione in Aula

1 Giorno

  • Italia: 790,– €

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