Trend Micro Deep Security 20 for Certified Professionals (TMDS) – Contenuti

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Course topics are divided into the following lessons.

Product Overview

  • Trend Micro solutions
  • Introduction to Deep Security
  • Deep Security Protection Modules
  • Deep Security components

Deep Security Manager

  • Server and operating system requirements
  • Database requirements
  • Deep Security Manager architecture and components
  • Automating tasks
  • Installing Deep Security Manager
  • Upgrading Deep Security Manager
  • Logging into the Deep Security Manager Web console

Deep Security Agent

  • Deep Security Agent architecture
  • Installing Deep security Agents
  • Adding computers
  • Activating Deep Security Agents
  • Upgrading Deep Security Agents to Relays
  • Distributing software and security updates
  • Viewing computer protection status
  • Organizing computers using groups and Smart Folders


  • Policy inheritance and overrides
  • Creating policies based on Recommendation Scans
  • Creating new policies
  • Common objects

Protecting Servers From Malware

  • Enabling Anti-Malware protection
  • Anti-Malware scanning techniques
  • Viewing Anti-Malware-related events
  • Reviewing identified files
  • Smart Scan

Blocking Malicious Web Sites

  • Enabling Web Reputation
  • Setting the security level
  • Viewing Web Reputation-related events

Filtering Traffic Using Firewall Rules

  • Enabling the Deep Security Firewall
  • Firewall Rules
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Rule order of analysis
  • Stateful and pseudo-stateful filtering
  • Port scanning
  • Viewing Firewall-related events

Protecting Servers From Vulnerabilities

  • Virtual Patching
  • Protocol Hygiene
  • Protocol Control
  • Web Application Protection
  • Enabling Intrusion Prevention
  • Running Recommendation Scans
  • Intrusions Prevention rules
  • SSL filtering
  • Protecting Web applications

Detecting Changes to Protected Servers

  • Enabling Integrity Monitoring
  • Running Recommendation Scans
  • Detection changes to the baseline object
  • Event tagging
  • Viewing integrity Monitoring-related events

Blocking Unapproved Software

  • Enforcement Modes
  • Enabling Application Control
  • Detecting software changes
  • Creating an inventory of approved software
  • Viewing Application Control-related events

Inspecting Logs on Protected Servers

  • Enabling Log inspection
  • Running Recommendation Scans
  • Viewing Log Inspection-related events

Logging and Reports

  • Enabling diagnostic logging
  • Creating diagnostic packages
  • Event forwarding
  • Reporting
  • Filtering report data

Activating and Managing Multiple Tenants

  • Enabling Multi-Tenancy
  • Creating tenants
  • Managing tenants
  • Activating Deep Security Agents on tenants
  • Usage monitoring

Detecting Emerging Malware Through Connected Threat Defense

  • Connected Threat Defense requirements
  • Deep Discovery Analyzer
  • Trend Micro Control Manager
  • Integrating Deep Security into Connected Threat Defense

Protecting Virtual Machines Using the Deep Security Virtual Appliance

  • Agentless protection
  • Deploying Deep Security in VMWare ESXi environments
  • Configuring Affinity settings
  • Virtual Appliance deployment