Cloud-Native Integration with Red Hat Fuse + EX221 (AD222) – Contenuti

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Introduction to Red Hat Fuse and Camel
  • Describe the architecture of Red Hat Fuse and Camel and how they are used to integrate applications.
Create Camel routes
  • Implement Camel routes and develop custom processors
Implement enterprise integration patterns
  • Describe the most commonly used enterprise integration patterns and implement them using Camel components.
Create tests for routes and error handling
  • Develop reliable routes by creating unit tests and mocks, and by handling errors.
Integrate services using asynchronous messaging
  • Integrate microservices using Apache Kafka and ActiveMQ (JMS)
Implement transactions
  • Provide data integrity in route processing by implementing transactions.
Build and consume REST services
  • Implement and consume REST services with Camel.
Integrate cloud-native services
  • Deploy cloud-native microservices based on Camel Routes and Camel K components to an OpenShift cluster