Deploying and Managing Windows Workloads on Google Cloud (DMWWGC) - Contenuti

Contenuti dettagliati del Corso

Module 01: Introducing Windows workloads on Google Cloud

  • Overview of Google Cloud
  • Options for Windows Workloads
  • Windows Licensing in Google Cloud

Module 02: Identity for Windows workloads

  • Overview of Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Directory Sync
  • Authentication Best Practices

Module 03: Migrating Windows Application VMs

  • Migration types
  • Choosing VMs to migrate
  • Migrate for Compute Engine
  • Migration Waves
  • SQL Server on GCE
  • HA for SQL Server

Module 04: Automating Deployments of Windows Workloads

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Terraform
  • Cloud Marketplace

Module 05: Optimizing costs for Windows Applications

  • Custom machines
  • Premium images
  • Patch management
  • Sole tenants
  • SQL Server on Linux

Module 06: Modernizing with Managed Services

  • Introduction to Cloud SQL
  • Deploying SQL Server on Cloud SQL
  • Maintenance and backups on Cloud SQL
  • Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory

Module 07: Modernizing with Containers

  • Introduction to containers
  • Windows containers on GCE
  • Introduction to GKE
  • Creating a GKE cluster with Windows nodes
  • Migrate for Anthos

Module 08: Cloud Operations with Windows Workloads

  • Introduction to Operations Suite
  • Introduction to Monitoring
  • Compute Engine monitoring
  • Cloud SQL monitoring
  • GKE monitoring
  • Introduction to Logging