Red Hat Certified Specialist in Hybrid Cloud Management  (EX220)

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Obiettivi del Corso

You should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Perform initial CloudForms management engine configuration via virtual machine console and drift analyses
  • Add Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization as a cloud service provider
  • Create new CFME roles
  • Add CFME users and groups
  • Create and apply smart tags
  • Configure CFME to be able to provision virtual systems via all supported mechanisms
  • Use CFME to provision virtual systems
  • Configure basic CFME settings, control policies, chargeback reporting, alerts and life cycle management provisioning request default values
  • Save the output from reporting and analyses in an external format that can be parsed by other tools

Contenuti del Corso

Red Hat® Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management is a performance-based certificate exam. Individuals who earn the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to deploy and manage a virtualization infrastructure using Red Hat CloudForms.

Holders of the Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Deploy Red Hat CloudForms
  • Configure Red Hat CloudForms to connect to one or more virtualization providers
  • Use Red Hat CloudForms to perform management tasks for virtual systems
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Modality: G
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  • Italia: 460,- €
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08.02.2019 Roma
22.02.2019 Milano
17.05.2019 Zürich
24.05.2019 Parigi
30.08.2019 Parigi
25.10.2019 Parigi
15.02.2019 Stuttgart
10.05.2019 Berlino
07.06.2019 Berlino
25.10.2019 Stuttgart
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