Advanced OpenStack Administration (LFS457)

Descrizione del Corso Schedulazione

Course Overview

Learn about internals of various vendor specific OpenStack distributions and their installations and setups from engineers who have contributed to OpenStack releases, deployed and configured several OpenStack distributions and have combined their knowledge in producing this course. This course caters to developers, deployers, and troubleshooters.

Chi dovrebbe partecipare

This course is designed for cloud professionals who are proficient with OpenStack and who would need to install setup and maintain their OpenStack deployments. It is also useful for people who want to understand the various distributions, configurations, and other related OpenStack related concepts.


Knowledge in OpenStack Administration, Linux administration, and concepts and administration for network, storage and virtual systems is useful. Basic Linux command line skills are also required.

Obiettivi del Corso

This course gives internals of various vendor specific OpenStack distributions and their installations and setups. It also teaches advanced keystone topics, troubleshooting and debugging neutron related issues and various network scale out considerations. It covers heat topics ranging from heat template development to advanced heat concepts. It also delves into high availability and also the evolution of OpenStack from prior releases up to Ocata. It also teaches OpenStack restful API's, client libraries, CLI and how to write applications using the API's. We also teach how to contribute to OpenStack releases and how to maintain CI's and internals of Tempest.

After taking the course, the candidate should be able to administer and manage their OpenStack deployments more efficiently, will be able to debug and root cause issues with the deployment, keystone, networking and high availability. They should be able to write applications using OpenStack API's. They should be able to deploy services using Heat templates and manage their deployments. Also, they should be able to contribute to OpenStack releases and maintain their contributed code by running CI (continuous integration tests).

Contenuti del Corso

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Vendor Specific Openstack Solutions
  • Keystone - Introduction
  • Keystone Domains
  • Keystone Federation
  • Neutron Network Topologies
  • Network Scale-out Considerations
  • Operational Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Heat
  • Heat Service Deployment
  • Heat Template Development
  • Heat Advanced Concepts
  • Evolution From Liberty to Ocata
  • OpenStack-High-Availability
  • Openstack-Client-Libraries-And-CLI
  • The OpenStack RESTful API Request/Response Model
  • Write An OpenStack Client Application
  • Devstack
  • OpenStack Contribution And Review Model
  • Unit And Integration Testing
  • Tempest
  • Evaluation Survey
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Durata 4 Giorni

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09.09. - 12.09.2019 Milano
02.12. - 05.12.2019 Roma
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