Jira (Server/DC) - Administrator Training / Deep Dive (JADD)


Course Overview

Jira administrators learn the many facets of setting up Jira as well as to configure it. Project managers will be able to act as internal contact persons for questions regarding the configuration and extension of Jira.

Structure and content

Creation and administration of projects, global configuration of Jira and individual extensions of Jira. In our Jira training for administrators / project administrators, you will learn to map different usage scenarios based on practical use cases as well as how to use Jira in a customized way.

Level: Advanced
Assessment: The training is not tied to an assessment.

During the training a Jira Server/DataCenter environment is used. In principle, what has been learned can also be applied to the Jira Cloud version. Alternatively, we recommend the Cloud training Jira (Cloud) - Administrator Training / Deep Dive (JADD-C).

Who should attend

This training is suitable for ...

  • For Jira application administrators and system administrators.
  • For project administrators who want to think outside the box.
  • As a preparatory course for people seeking Atlassian certification (ACP).


Basics and knowledge of Jira software. If you do not have the necessary experience, we recommend that you first book the Jira (Server/DC) - User Training / Hands On (JAHO).

Course Content

Welcome and general introduction
  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Atlassian family
  • Atlassian documentation
  • Basics of Jira in a Server/DataCenter environment
  • Administration types
Introduction to the administration area
  • Applications
  • User management
  • System settings
  • Understanding global project configuration
Global configuration
  • General configuration
  • Global permissions
  • Administration of roles
Creating and configuring projects - basics
  • Creating projects
  • Understanding project configuration
  • Comprehend issue types and & workflows
  • Understanding screen masks & fields
  • Visualization of project-statistics
Configuring projects - Training project
  • configuration of:
  • issue types
  • workflows
  • custom fields
  • screen masks
  • priorities
Configuring projects - advanced
  • Workflows - using conditions, validators and post functions
  • Translations
  • Properties of issues
  • Notification, authorization and security schema
  • joint configuration of projects via schemas
Authorization and project administration
  • User directories and central user administration (LDAP, Active Directory) in Server/DC environment
  • User and groups
  • Connection to other systems
  • Basic information regarding Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • DSGVO (GDPR) anonymization of users
Project administration
  • Understanding the role concept within the project
  • Modifying users and roles
  • Manage components
  • Manage versions
Overlapping tasks
  • Install and manage apps
  • License management
  • Basics of monitoring
  • Updates
  • Cloning of an instance / creating backups
  • Confluence Data Center - special features
Open Q&A as well as feedback:
  • Clarification of open questions
  • Feedback / FAQ / Discussion

Prezzo & Delivery methods

Online Training

1 Giorno

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  • 790,– €
Formazione in Aula

1 Giorno

Prezzo (IVA esclusa)
  • Italia: 790,– €

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