The Transformation of Industries Boot Camp (IOEBC)


Corso in lingua inglese.

Chi dovrebbe partecipare

  • Business Consultants
  • Business Advisors
  • Business Development Managers
  • Senior IT Managers

Obiettivi del Corso

  • Understand the transformative power of digitalization
  • Validate the macro-economical challenges driven by digitalization
  • Know the Cisco ‘Internet of Everything’ approach and solution portfolio
  • Identify how Cisco IoE helps to transform and create value for organizations
  • Explore the motivation of stakeholders inside and beyond IT

Contenuti del Corso

This course is designed to enable Business Consultants and Advisors starting a conversation around Cisco IoE with their customers. By the year 2020, an entire generation, will have grown up in a primarily digital world. Computers, the Internet, mobile devices, social networking, video and digital content — all are second nature to members of this group. Every company in every industry will be dramatically affected by the digitalization and it will be the responsibility of the top teams to lead the change by building the right capabilities for their companies to remain relevant in the digitized environment, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats. New technology deployments and related investments will add up to more than even the largest and wealthiest enterprises can afford. The companies that embrace and deploy digitalization in the right places at the right time will define competition.

To not only survive the digitalization but also use it to their advantage, companies need to be clear about their digital strategy and focus on the digital capabilities they are going to build along the value chain. To make this happen, organizations must converge business & IT and consider IT as a strategic building block for a digitized business, and IT leaders must change their attitude and behavior to become business relevant. Cisco’s IoE solution can be a very valuable building block for such companies, enabling key business capabilities while at the same time mitigating the risks of digitalization. Students must take away a sound understanding of the industry’s challenges, the market, the potential stakeholders outside and inside IT - and primarily how to drive the conversation with them.

Formazione in Aula

Durata 1 Giorno

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