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Red Hat Certified Specialist in Deployment and Systems Management Exam  (EX403)

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Chi dovrebbe partecipare

  • System administrators responsible for managing large enterprise environments
  • Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) interested in becoming Red Hat Certified Architects (RHCAs)


Questo corso è parte della seguente certificazione:


Contenuti del Corso

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management exam (EX403) tests your knowledge, skills, and ability to use Red Hat products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Satellite Server, to deploy and manage systems in an efficient, scalable, replicable, and reliable manner.

A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) who passes this exam will earn a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise that also counts towards earning Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA).

This exam is based on Red Hat Satellite 6.

Red Hat recommends taking Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) before attempting this exam. Attendance in these classes is not required, and you can choose to take just an exam.

Exam format

This exam is a performance-based evaluation of systems deployment and management skills and knowledge. You will perform a number of systems administration tasks focused on configuring Red Hat Satellite Server and then use that system to deploy client systems.

Scores and reporting

Official scores for exams come exclusively from Red Hat Certification Central. Red Hat does not authorize examiners or training partners to report results to candidates directly. Scores on the exam are usually reported within 3 U.S. business days.

Exam results are reported as total scores. Red Hat does not report performance on individual items, nor will it provide additional information upon request.

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Modality: G
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  • Italia: 460,- €
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31.05.2019 Milano
22.11.2019 Roma
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12.04.2019 Parigi
19.07.2019 Parigi
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05.04.2019 Stuttgart
02.08.2019 Stuttgart
08.11.2019 Monaco
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15.03.2019 Charleston
26.04.2019 Atlanta, GA
14.06.2019 Charleston
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