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I Prossimi Webinar

Managing Change Primer

Data di erogazione: 16 Maggio 2017
Alle ore: 19:00 ora Italiana
Presentato da: David Mantica, Presenter
Lingua: Inglese

70% of all change initiatives fail and 16% of a workforce will change their job or use their power to stop change. Major disruption with no benefit. To fail and lose 16% of your workforce while failing is a scary proposition. For folks looking to move to Agile methods or driving a product that will do creative destruction to any organization the odds are stacked pretty high against your effort. Successful leaders understand the keys to guiding workplace change are to be clear-headed, responsive, alert, and dynamic. It is not a time to sit back and watch from the sidelines. Managing change is not a top-down or trickle-down approach. It is about active involvement and getting key stakeholders involved. Ultimately you have to learn how to handle change resistors and how to minimize the impact of change outside the change zone (reduce the collateral damage).

You will also learn:

  • Necessary elements of change management
  • Stages of change that people and organizations go through
  • Reasons people resist change and strategies to overcome resistance
  • To minimize negative change impacts by using the change curve model

Internet of Things (IoT) Primer and Digital Transformation 101

Data di erogazione: 23 Maggio 2017
Alle ore: 19:00 ora Italiana
Presentato da: David Mantica, Presenter
Lingua: Inglese
Nothing is worse in our B to B technology world than business speak 101 or jargon of the day or flavor of the week. We have Cloud and Ether, PaaS, IasS, SaaS, win-win, zero sum game, etc. If you have been involved in B to B technology the last twenty years or so, you name it you’ve heard it.

That is definitely the initial “turn off” of IoT. Just another biz speak name that will go the way of cloud, Core Competency, Bleeding Edge, & Bricks and Clicks. The problem is just beyond the hype, as you dig deeper into IoT, something strange happens…, you find that it is real.

We have doubled the amount of data in the world over the last two years alone. Although as humans we cannot deal with all that data, computers can. We as humans just have to ask the right questions and know what we are looking for. So when you look at IoT or better yet the Digital Transformation you have to look at it from “Systems Thinking” prospective. A lot of the elements are already existing but combine existing elements with new technologies and fast silicon you can get something special.

This web seminar digs into the business relevance of IoT as well as the complete IoT technology picture. This is not a point solution technical web seminar. We are not going to talk about sensor hook up or Hadoop verse SQL for data management or IA, or Machine Learning. We are going to discuss how the entire system is set up. What the system produces and how to use that output. In the end IoT produces Data, lots of it and automation. As an organization interested in selling IoT, providing solutions for IoT or using IoT, you better understand what you want to do with the data you produce and how you will drive productivity and value through the automation you set up.

Barracuda – the next generation security for the Cloud!

Data di erogazione: 8 Giugno 2017
Alle ore: 19:00 ora Italiana
Presentato da: Iskren Nikolov, Presenter
Lingua: Inglese

The adoption of the Cloud, the continuous growth of IoT and Big Data architectures, as well as the growing expansion of the public cloud, require a new security approach. How can we protect our assets and data in the Cloud? Can we still use the traditional approaches? What to do when we are in an environment with a limited control? Barracuda gives us the needed solutions to gain back the control over our data, to do it in a secure and flexible manner! In this webinar we will discuss the Barracuda security solutions for the cloud and how the Fast Lane customers and partners can gain the needed knowledge for to be successful in the adoption of the Barracuda technologies.

Certificate & Security Best Practices

Data di erogazione: 13 Giugno 2017
Alle ore: 19:00 ora Italiana
Presentato da: Joey De Wiele, Presenter
Lingua: Inglese

Over the last several years more and more customers have started to investigate leveraging crptography as an additional layer of defense for their internal networks. With the rise in 'VPN less' access technologies, the requirement for signaling and media privacy has become standard for any device or client that is traversing the firewall perimeter to access corporate collaboration services. With the above in mind, the CST2 Security Lab Module will educate you on the practical steps required to enable end-to-end, certificate based authentication and media encryption for both SIP signaling and RTP media.

In this web seminar, you will prepare to complete the dCloud lab on Certificate & Remote Access (MRA) to services and confiurations such as CAPF, LSC's Mixed Mode, CTL and phone security profiles.

Scenarios Covered:

  • Enable Unified CM Security
  • Set-up Expressway Mobile and Remote Access

NetApp and Cloud Storage: Leveraging the Public Cloud

Data di erogazione: 20 Giugno 2017
Alle ore: 19:00 ora Italiana
Presentato da: Bobbie Russell, Presenter
Lingua: Inglese

The #1 use of the public cloud continues to be storage. If you’re considering integrating your NetApp storage solution with Azure or already have some experience, join us for a discussion on how to best leverage the cloud as a hybrid storage solution.

Because of the scalability and availability of the public cloud, businesses have been flocking to the cloud in droves. Through properly implemented hybrid storage solutions they are able to:

  • Gain data visibility
  • Establish data governance
  • Enhance data protection and security
  • Enable data access

Our storage and cloud expert, Bobbie Russell, will guide you through best practices. We will discuss best practices and considerations to implement a great hybrid storage solution.


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